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Digital Read-Out Board

Four Encoder Input (5v Or !2v)
Four Analog Input with Variable Gain & Offset
Four Analog Input with Fixed Gain & Offset
24 Line-Driver Digital IO (TTL Level)
Probe Input
UP TO 240 X 128 Graphic LCD Port
32 Key Scan KeyBoard
Rs232 Communication Port For Setpoint & Receive Point’s & Axis’s & User Interface
Compatible with POLI-Interval & Zeiss CMM Communication (for Manual CMM)
SPI Programming & Rs232 Programming
** Optional
Real Time Clock & Battery Backup
O.E.M. Brand
O.E.M. Firm Ware
****** Adding Boards for 4AxisEncoder ******
Four Axis DC-Motor Driver or
8 Relay & 24 OPTO-Isolated Input