Novin Industrial Development


calib-1.jpg Because of emphasis of CMM accuracy in quality of final products, calibration of CMMs is most important subjects in the final part quality.
We have equipped ourselves to Calibrate and verify CMMs according to international standards.
Our Calibration equipments are listed below:

1- Renishaw Laser interferometer ML10 system full pack.

a. Linear measurement kit.

b. Angular measurement kit.

c. Straightness measurement kit.

d. Squareness measurement kit.

e. Flatness measurement kit.

f. Dynamic measurement kit.

g. The accuracy is 0.7 PPM in 40 meter.

| calib-3.jpg

2- Renishaw MCG (Machine checking gage) kit 500mm.

3- Renishaw Ballbar QC10.

4- Unimetrik Tetrahedral 450 mm checking gage with software.

5- Mitutoyo Step gage 600mm (Each 10mm fixed Step).

6- Ceramic block gages K Grade for verify high accuracy CMMs. From 50mm to 600 mm.

7- Granite Square 500X500 mm with 0.0001 mm accuracy.

8- Granite Right angle 600X400 mm with 0.0005 mm accuracy.

9- Granite Right angle 400X200 mm with 0.0005 mm accuracy.

About 75 calibrations has done by our company from 2005 in automotive and other related industries. And there are 4 Persons in our company that they have trained for calibration and working with our equipments.