Novin Industrial Development


EP-1 High Precision Optical Profile Projector Provides accurate 2D measurement for all common geometric features such as circle, lines, angles and etc, All measured results can be printed or transferred to computer for futher processing. EP-1 optical profile projector is designed for all circuital dimensions measurement in mould $ die making, form tools making, screw manufacturing, gear manufacturing and etc. Contracted with top class components and under high standard of workmanship, IP-1 achieves very high measurement accuracy, the axial measurement accuracy is (3+L/100)um, where Lis the measured length in mm : the total contour distortion is less than 0.08%.

Hihg quality lighting $ optical system provides brilliant images of exceptional quality, EP-1 equipped with ES-8P 1um resolution high accuracy measuring system which provides comprehensive & easy to use geometric measurement functions.

TO avoid deformation caused by internal stress of metal casting, in additional to normal internal stress release process by tempering, all EP-1s castings are further stress release process to achieve high dimensional

The Swiss made SCHEEBERGER high precision linear guide ways are used in all XYZ Axes movement to provide high straightness movement and hence to achieve high measurement accuracy,

To avoid back-lash problem in normal lead screw transmission system, rod base friction transmission system are used in EP-1S XY axes movements to provide excellent smooth, sensitive and back-lash free positioning for easy & precise measurement.