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scmm.jpg Special CMM is a measuring machine designed for measuring special parts same as Camshaft, Crank Shaft, Gear and Blade.
Cam & Crank shaft measuring machine:
We have design and develop a crank shaft and cam shaft measuring machine in Iran and we developed measuring software for it.
The software has a lot of new ability in this reign and it is fully designed user friendly system with the maximum flexibility and reliability.

The software can Measure following items:

 - Cam profile tolerance

 - Cam Head angle according to Max event

 - Cam Head angle according to FCUR (full Curvature algorithm.)

 - Cam head angle according to LSA (Limit Scanning area algorithm)

 - Opening and closing velocity diagram.

 - Opening and closing acceleration diagram.

 - Opening and closing jerk measurement diagram.

 - Profile Error reporting in user defined areas.

 - Cam circle Radius measurement.

 - Cam circle RUNOUT measurement. And identify it’s affect to the profile.

 - Cam circle Roundness Measurement.

 - Dynamic Crank Measurement.

 - Static circle measurement.

 - Identification various of references for finding error in machining process.

 - Measuring Polar dimension of cam and circle.

 - Measuring Cartesian dimension of cam and circles.

 - Graphical reporting in four different format

scmm2.jpg Hardware design has following PowerPoint’s:

 - Granite table

 - Spindle and stock centralize system

 - Full servo control axis

 - All axis linear bearing base

 - 4 Measuring axis to reduce the errors and increase the resolution.

Cylinder block measurement:
This machine is also design and develops by our company; it can measure four cylinders of a cylinder block and getting following data in production line.

 - Cylinder positions.

 - Cylindercity

 - parallelism of cylinders

 - Perpendicularity of cylinders to crank shaft.

 - Cylinders Diameter

To see the sample measuring clip please click here