Novin Industrial Development


Effective training will improve the quality of measuring process.
Therefore our company has developed a department for training CMM operator and CMM room managers to operate and organize the system of measurement according to international standards.
All of our training are based on practical subjects, easier usage and getting right reports from the parts.
Here is the list of our courses:

Coarse name Code Duration Foregoing
Metrology base level 1 MB001W 12 H Geometry and algebra
Metrology base level 2 MB002W 12 H MB001W
Geometry Tolerances level 1 MG001K 20 H MB002W
Geometry Tolerances level 2 MG002W 12 H MG001K
Geometry Tolerances level 3 MG003T 8 H MG002W
Measuring software MS001K 8 H MB002W
Maintenance of Measuring Machines MS001K 20 H Electrical or Mechanical Engineers