Novin Industrial Development


Investment in industrial field always needs a lot of study and experience to estimate the price and the rate of benefited also about competitors and the market place and other brands. It needs different field experience, Mechanical, Electrical, control, commercial, financial, Market knowledge, knowledge about competitors and Etc…

Contract Base
It needs a team to investigate on this project and they can help investor and project manager to decide faster and more accurate.
Our company has a consultation department that it can offer consulting in following subjects:

1- Feasibility study of production line in automation parts and other part making.

2- Feasibility study of press line for car body parts and other metal sheet parts.

3- Feasibility study of manufacturing special parts.

4- Investigation second hand product lines and its flexibility for converting.

5- Investigation second hand machine tools for rebuild and retrofit in steel manufacturing and big machining industries.

6- Automation in product line.

7- Robot usage in industry.

8- Vision systems in product line and inspection area.

Just in case
All above consultation services are base on a long term contract, it means that all of them need to have a contract for starting But also we have another type of our service we name them just in case, some time customers are not going to make a big contracts for consulting then they will ask for solving a problem, .maybe it can be solved in a meeting or some and it do not need the a contract it will calculate time base.