Novin Industrial Development

Product Lines

pl-metal1.jpg Iranian automotive industries are very activated in design and developing new type of cars in recently years, it make a very good bazaars for automation and engineering in this field.

Our metal sheet department is established in 2004 and they have done several projects in this field until now, some of our project is listed below:

 - Design and development vision system for pick and place double blank metal sheets in a 2000tons double action press with ABB Robots.

 - Design and development high speed feeders for fine blank presses with 32mm thickness and 600 mm width and speed of 2.5 m/s with 0.01 mm accuracy.

 - Selling several decoiler systems for press lines.

 - Developing quality control with vision system for metal sheet product line with a Classified quality in Renault Pars projects.

 - Design and manufacturing of automotive checking fixture for car body metal sheet parts.

We will be very glad to have foreign or internal Joint venture for offering good quality systems to our customers.