Novin Industrial Development

Product Lines

We are not plastic injection system developer but we have done some project in this area for pick and place product from injection system into pallets and putting some insert part into vertical injection systems also for quality controls system with vision processing for critical plastic parts.

These projects activate us in this area and make us one of supplier in Iranian market.

Following project have been done by our company related to the plastic:

     -     Automation for die Injection systems.

         o     Retrofitting of plastic injection machines

         o     Design and develop of pick and place robot for injection systems.

         o     Design and develop high speed robot for putting some insert in vertical plastic injection systems.

     -     Quality control for critical plastic part with vision systems.

     -     Glowing robots for plastic parts.

     -     Cutting robots for plastic parts with water jet .

     -     Reverse engineering in plastic parts and M/C Contract for die developing for plastic parts.