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Test Devices

These type of tests will not destruct the test part and usually they use for testing a lot of parts per day, sometimes the users will put non destructive test systems in the end of product line for test 100% of products, it will happened is the products was very critical same as main axel shaft in automotive.
Non Destructive tests are always based on physical theory, for example Eddy current test based on Eddy current theory it says:

An eddy current is the current is induced in little swirls ("eddies") on a large conductor.

Because of their complication and high price of research in these fields the price of Non destructive test systems is more than other test systems.
Other type of non destructive tests is:

1- X Ray Vision systems
2- Gama Ray Measuring systems
3- Eddy Current test systems
4- Sonic Test system
5- Ultra Sonic test systems
6- Magnetic Particles

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Our company is also activate in eddy current and sonic test systems , our products have already used in automotive industries and manufacturing product lines same as cylinder block line and Main Axel shaft test product line for testing 100% of products.
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