Novin Industrial Development


Advancement of Iranian robotic system makes some inquiry about automatic vision system for automation proposes. Industrial Vision system separated to two different parts:

1- Vision part Testing
2- Vision positioning systems

Our group has done some projects in these fields, the list of our project are:

1- Vision Part Testing:

a. Vision measuring system for measuring 100% of cylinder block of Kia Pride.

2- Vision Positioning systems

a. Vision Positioning system for SAIPAPRESS Company for detecting two blanks and place them in their right positions.

The sequence of job is as follow:

1- Magnetic Conveyor brings two metal sheets under the reach of Vision camera system and sends a signal to the vision system TO START.

2- Vision system take a picture from the position of metal sheets and process about the dimensions and type of metal sheet, and compare it with the type of die.

3- If the type of metal sheet was as same as the type of die and the dimension of metal sheets were in the tolerances; Vision system send displacement data to the robot and send go command to robot.

4- The robot picks up each of metal sheet with the compensation of its displacement and places them under the press in the correct position.

5- Start from 1.

Here there is some picture about this project: