Novin Industrial Development


In high accuracy and high speed product lines, one inaccurate machine will cause a lot of vesting money. Then Calibration these machine tools are very important.
Regarding to this industrial need we have develop our company with several verification and test system as follow:

1- Renishaw Ball Bar test for testing machine tools in circular movement and getting movement axis faults parameters to adjust and optimize movement system.

2- Renishaw Laser test for testing axis movement accuracy and following parameters:

a. Linear error compensation

b. Angular error of each axis in two direction

c. Straightness error of each axis in two dimension

d. Sureness of each Cartesian plane for each pair of axis.

e. Flatness of the bed of each axis to improve it with shaving equipments.

f. Dynamic error for measuring other machine vibration affection into current machine and also axis servo vibrations.

3- A variety of length bars and ring gages to measure with special machine probe heads to get very fast report about the accuracy of the machine

4- Two set of step gages for getting error compensation in some special machine that it is not possible to measure with laser system.

5- Full set of Granite Square kit from 400mm to 1000mm to get the squares of each plane in the machine tools.

6- Electrical Linear indicator with 0.0001 mm accuracy for measuring on the granite squares.

7- Other needed accessories to doing calibration and verification of machine tools.