Novin Industrial Development


Some of product lines and machine tools has a very strong mechanical structure but unfortunately because of their control systems they are out of order and they always sell as a second hand or stocked unused machines in Auctions.

The main point is to select good system for related projects to change the process according to our needs. Our company has a department for investigation the second hand system and their other usage in industry, some time customers asks us to modify a product line to their exact needs and sometimes we offer customers about second hand product line for their usage.

According to this type of business we saperate our jobs to defferent categories:

1- Control system Exchange

We can offer new control system to retrofit the old and strong mechanical machines to a new Computer control system same as:

- Siemens automation Control and PLCs
- ABB PLC and CNC controls
- Fagor PLC and CNC controls
- Omron PLC Controls
- Metronix Drive systems for Servo controls
- Linmot Linear drive control systems
- Autonics Measuring instrument and sensors
- Bulluf Measuring instrument and sensors
- Fatek PLC
- Beijir HMI systems
- Advantec industrial PC and control systems
- Axiomtek industrial PC and control systems
In this type of project sometimes we have to change electrical cabinet and wiring systems also because of getting more reliability of the systems.

2- Process Exchange
Sometimes we have to make some changes in the mechanical system according to customer use, it means that finding a system 100% suitable for some application is impossible, then the customers buy systems near their usage and they will ask for some changing in process to handle their job, It is also one of our business that we have done it several times by our experienced mechanical and control expert team.

3- Installation and Maintenance
Second hand product lines need an expert team to installation and tryout because of the problem it has from the origin and some other problems happened in the transportation.
We have done 3 very big this type of project in Iran:
     1) Cylinder Block product line
     2) Cylinder Head product line
     3) Hot rolling mill product

4- Manual operation Improvement
Manual old product lines also need to be developed and using new technologies to get more performance and productivity, then we are able to offer some systems to develop and improve the process and tools in manual product lines to get more performance.

Before Rebuild

After Rebuild